At the beginning of time, a great being crafted what we know as reality. It placed every mountain, every tree, and every drop of water. This being also created two others: children, one living above in the celestial plane, the other below in the infernal plane. Ages passed, and the being grew older as its children grew stronger. Soon, the lord of the infernal plane, known as the Child of Fire, rose up and killed the aging creator, hoping to bring devastation to the material plane. The lord of the celestial plane, the Child of Light, rose up and beat back its sibling. They now wage war on the material plane for control of reality.
One hundred and twenty years ago, humans, dwarves, halflings, and goliaths lived in a grand old kingdom on a continent called Komovarad. It was at this time that dragons, wicked beings that seek to devour the living to increase their own power and achieve immortality, came to the land and began the great Draconic Purging. They brought with them their servants, the dragonborn. For over ten years, the people of Komovarad fought back against the dragons, until a great council came together and decided to abandon their home.
They boarded steamships and traveled east, hoping to find a new world. They came upon an unspoiled land of unsurpassed natural beauty. The natives, slender and beautiful creatures known as elves, called the land Sil’ela. The great steamships landed on the shores and the people began a new life.
One hundred years have passed since that time. Lead by the adventurous halflings, the so-called “civilized” folk have begun to blaze a trail east of the coast, into the great teeming forest. The elves, a tribal and nomadic people, have been slow to adapt to their new neighbors, some showing open hostility to the newcomers who take their lands. An ancient, lost tribe of elves, now called eladrin, have returned near countless generations after they fled to the Feywild seeking enlightenment. They seek to rejoin the elves, but their rigid way of life clashes with their now distant kin. Many new races have come to make Sil’ela their home, including the island-dwelling half-orcs, gnomes who escaped from the feywild with the eladrin to cause havoc and mayhem wherever they go, and the tieflings, a race set free from the infernal plane who claim to be harbingers of the end times. Large cities have sprung up on the coast, where the first settlers landed. The frontier stretches east, blurring the line between the wild and the civilized. The elves hold their territory in what is the great forest, though few venture into the Deep Woods, rumored to be filled with evil.

You draw closer to the town of Inkwood, one of the last well inhabited locations at the edge of the frontier. Madam Freada’s Phantasmagorium, a traveling circus and fair, is in town. This is where your adventure begins.

Fortune: An Open Range Campaign

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