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  • Inkwood

    Largest city and unofficial capitol of the [[Ash River Territory | Ash River Territory]].

    h5. History _“Watch your back in Inkwood, that black-hearted place will stab you in the eye before it shakes your hand.”_ Inkwood is at the end of …

  • Corpsewood

    Only city located in the [[Bloodless Canyon | Bloodless Canyon]]. Residents are paranoid survivalists who are forced to constantly ward off undead.

    The town …

  • Lawless

    Small border town famous for its yearly dueling tournament. h6. _Work in Progress_

  • Watershead

    Flotilla city formed after residents of a large coastal city forbade a large group of [[Dragonborn | Dragonborn]] from coming ashore. Several ships lashed together, forming a city on the water.

  • Woodsman Hollow

    Small hamlet on the edge of the [[Ash River Territory | Ash River Territory]]. It lies on land controlled by Garrick Haven, who has declared himself Lord Mayor (with the blessing of his employer, Governor [[Elijah Thaddeius | Elijah Thaddeius]]).

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