One of the four original races populating Komovarad, the dwarves were originally all members of the same clan. Generations ago, the clan split, some staying in the mountains of northern Komovarad, while the others migrated to settle among the hills and bluffs in the center of the continent. The dwarves that stayed in the mountains, known as rock dwarves, are widely known as master miners and builders.

Rock dwarves are responsible for most scientific advances, including the mastery of steam power and other complex machinations, many of which developed in the mines and later spread to the surface. Rock dwarves are known to be quiet and reserved, with a work ethic as solid as the mountains they once called home.

The second group of dwarves, known as ridge dwarves, split from their kin for reasons that often vary depending on who you ask. They built very simple (some might say crude) wood and stone houses, and spread out across the hills of central Komovarad. Every bit as resourceful and ingenious as their counterparts, ridge dwarves are known for their ability to quickly construct simple yet deadly traps, as well as their penchant for building elaborate breweries and stills, where they make strong ales and spirits. Most ridge dwarves live a life of isolation, many never meeting another sentient being that isn’t directly related to them. Ridge dwarves have a reputation for being vicious and cunning, and tales of travelers lost in remote areas and never being seen again abound.

Following the Draconic Purging, both rock and ridge dwarves joined in the great migration. Rock dwarves settled with or near humans and halflings, helping to establish large coastal cities, which they have gifted with their many technological advances. Most ridge dwarves immediately took to the wilderness, seeking out the most remote corners of the continent to settle.


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