Largest city and unofficial capitol of the Ash River Territory.


“Watch your back in Inkwood, that black-hearted place will stab you in the eye before it shakes your hand.”

Inkwood is at the end of the Dawn Coach Line and the beginning of the Ash River, the last settled and civilized town before travelers reach the eastern forests, although calling Inkwood ‘civilized’ is a stretch at best. Like many towns in the eastern wastes it was first founded twenty years ago by halfling caravans, but unlike other the towns the halflings stopped their travels in Inkwood. They built homes and buildings from the local trees that had pitch-black wood and even blacker sap, which led to the town’s name. The halflings made peaceful contact with elven tribes that occasionally wandered west out of the great forests, and settled down to raise their children, many of which had been born on the caravan’s travels east.

That changed a few years later, when the first human settlers and dwarven prospectors arrived at Inkwood. The settlers stretched even further into the elven lands near the forest and started trying to tame the land, digging and plowing up the ground and tearing down more trees. The elves responded with threats, and were either provoked to violence or overcome with rage at the settlers, and began burning the homesteads. The original halflings were soon outnumbered by the ‘tall folk’ in Inkwood, and desperation drove many of the settlers and prospectors to banditry and crime.

Soon after a group of mercenaries led by a human named Elijah Thaddeius found Inkwood, and offered their protection against the ‘savage elves’ to the settlers. A long and bloody campaign was waged between Inkwood and the elven tribes, but the elves could not stand against the vicious tactics employed by Thaddeius’ men. An entire section of the forest was burned to the ground by the mercenaries before the elves gathered their tribes and fled across the river to the deeper forests.

Since then, more settlers have been traveling to the now ‘civilized’ Inkwood. The mercenary Thaddeius is now Governor Thaddius after filing a strong-armed petition with authorities back west to form the Ash River Territory, and his men have the run of the whole area. Crime is still rampant, as Governor Thaddeius is more content to use his men to grab up land and possible prospecting sites around the territory than bring lawbreakers to justice. Much of the area is still wild and unexplored, though rumors of elven burial grounds and even-more ancient cairns are beginning to lure tomb robbers and prospectors to Inkwood.

Notable Residents

Elijah Thaddeius

Elder Finneas Thickwhistle


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