Saint Miris

Patron Saint of the Dead

Also: Patron Saint of Retribution and Vengeance, Light, Divine Guidance

(The Raven Queen, Pelor)

Legend says when Saint Miris was but a young girl, her family was killed and raised as undead by an evil necromancer. Miris escaped, and knelt by a secluded river near the edge of the kingdom to weep. There she was visited by a celestial messenger, who told her that she had been chosen to put the dead to rest and combat those that would seek to interrupt the eternal slumber. As the necromancers taint spread over the kingdom, Miris grew strong in the forest, watched over and trained by the messenger. When she came of age, Miris, dressed all in black, traveled to every hamlet and village in the kingdom, now overrun with the necromancer’s undead minions. She purged each with brilliant, holy light. Saint Mirris went to her childhood home, where the necromancer had take residence, and with a brilliant, consuming light, destroyed the evil sorcerer and every remaining undead minion in the kingdom. Exhausted, Miris collapsed where she stood, dead.

Saint Miris

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