Saint Skattur the Publican

Patron Saint of Charity

Also: Patron Saint of Forgiveness, Civil Disobedience, Revolutionaries

(Erathis, Avandra)

Skattur was a publican, or tax collecter, for an evil and greedy king. He travelled across the land, taking payment from the pesants and noting those who did not pay. Upon seeing the pain on the faces of those he collected from, Skattur loaded the tax collection on a large cart and burned down the tax house. He spread the collected wealth among the poorest in the kingdom, and drove his cart, the last remaining thing he owned, to the capital. There, he turned the cart over to a poor farmer and demanded an audience with the king. When he was brought before the king, he drew out the tax book, set it aflame, and threw it in the king’s face. Skattur was executed for his crime.

Saint Skattur the Publican

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