Packs of lycanthropes, specifically werewolves, have roamed the great forests of Sil’ela for countless generations, though not as long as the elves. The werewolf oral history even tells of a great war between their kind and the elves, though most elves consider such a thing doubtful at best.

Generally speaking, there are four werewolf packs made up of thousands of families. The four packs spring from four individual bloodlines, discernible by hair color. The most common bloodline is the brown Wodegay pack. Second is the black Gunagay pack. Third, the red Gegagay pack. Finally, the rarest bloodline, the white Oohnayguh pack.

When the civilized races landed on the shores on Sil’ela, the lycanthrope community took a keen interest in them, but always kept their distance. This lurking in the shadows, as well as the occasional raid by more warlike families, has lead the majority of human, dwarf, and halfling civilization to regard werewolves as evil. Some of the more enterprising members did return the interest, which lead to the birth of a new race: the shifters.

A shifter born in typical human settlements is shunned to the point of extermination. There are shifter-friendly towns, though they are rare. Conversely, most werewolves make no distinction between shifters and full-blooded lycanthropes, and packs welcome shifters of their own bloodline.


Weretigers once ruled all of what it now known as the Savage Isles. Generations ago, long before the draconic purging forced the civilized races to flee, goblinoid tribes arrived on the islands and began to wage war against the weretigers wielding their silver weapons. Outnumbered by the seemingly never ending goblinoid horde, the once mighty kingdom occupies no more than a half dozen islands in the far east.

When the civilized races arrived, the weretigers saw in them great opportunity: creating a race without the weakness to reclaim their homelands. Thus, razorclaw shifters were born.

Razorclaw shifters are born with an ingrained hatred of the goblinoid races. They’re bred to fight, often mixing primal energy with brute strength and speed. Razorclaws very rarely know their human parent, and have very little knowledge of human ways.

Like many conscripted races, not all razorclaws relish the heat of battle, some escaping their weretiger overlords and making their way to a new life on the mainland. They are seen as an oddity to most, lacking the stigma and hatred that longtooth shifters carry as weretigers, historically, rarely meddle in the affairs of mainlanders.


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