Star Signs

When the creator god shaped the world, he didn’t just create the ground, seas, and sky. He also placed each star in the sky, as an artist would paint a canvas. There are sixteen constellations in particular that contain so much of the magic of creation that they sometimes influence those born under their sign. During any given year part, twelve constellations are present: four constellations are dominant (designated in the specific year part) and eight affiliated (designated in the year parts before and after). Constellations in the opposing year part are not present and have no effect.

Living things born with an innate connection to certain constellations are called Startouched. Startouching can affect any living thing, though the impact is far more pronounced in the sentient races. Each startouched creature is affiliated with the aspects from two consetellations, one dominant and one affiliated. A dominant consetellation can act as an affiliate so long as another dominant constellation present, but affiliated constellations can never be dominant.

The sixteen constellations and their cooresponding year parts are:

Aviv (spring) Behar (summer) Hazan (autumn) Morana (winter)
The Eagle (Flight Aspect) The Dogs (Loyalty Aspect) The Cup (Bounty Aspect) The Bee (Worker Aspect)
The Altar (Worship Aspect) The Compass (Knowledge Aspect) The River (Antiquity Aspect) The Arrow (Movement Aspect)
The Herdsman (Tending Aspect) The Beast (Fear Aspect) The Clock (Time Aspect) The Shield (Protection Aspect)
The Chisel (Change Aspect) The Dove (Peace Aspect) The Wolf (War Aspect) The Fox (Cunning Aspect)

Star Signs

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