Elven naming conventions

Elves are named based on events in the natural world that occur around the time of their birth. The name is usually bestowed by a tribal elder or the oldest member of their immediate family. In elven, these names are very long and descriptive. When translated to common, elven names usually follow a specific three word pattern.

Example: An elf born days after a mysterious black bird was seen circling tribal grounds might be named Black Bird Circling, and go by Black while around outsiders.

Naming your Elf

The great majority of elven names will contain at least one noun and one verb (that is, a thing and an action). All elven names are related to the natural world. Each elf knows the story of their name, which can be a point of pride or shame. How does your character feel about their name? Do they announce it proudly, or choose not to say it at all? Is your elf’s name central to their character, or more of an afterthought (as you see with many elves who don’t spend much time in childhood with their tribe)? Does your elf know their elven name at all, and it not, do they even care?

Sample names: Thunder Over Mountain, Lizard Pointing North, Quick Brown Rabbit, Snow on Branches, Black Sun Rising, Clouded Red Star, Ivy Leaf Blowing

Elven naming conventions

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